Do you think you know everything about a car? Check yourself!

Today in the world more than one billion cars. Every year, manufacturers create new models of machines, upgrade them. Very soon, we will feel like heroes from a science fiction film about the future and will be sitting behind the wheel of a flying car. And today, our cars hide in themselves chips and interesting facts about which we do not even guess. The editors of the site 2 + 2 collected the most interesting about cars.

About 165,000 cars are produced per day. It is not surprising that the number of traffic jams and their length on the roads are increasing all the time. So the idea of ​​flying vehicles is not so bad. A car spends 95% of its life in a parking lot.

The new car has a specific smell. He was nicknamed “the smell of a new car.” Just imagine, it consists of more than 50 volatile organic compounds!
Fantasy! If there was a road from the Earth to the Moon, then by car this path would be overcome in 6 months. The only condition is speed. It would be necessary to squeeze 95 km / h.


30,000 auto parts! It is from so many that an average car consists! Imagine if you had to know all of them on an exam to get rights! Do you think we have big traffic jams in Ukraine? So, Los Angeles residents spend 102 hours in traffic jams every year, Muscovites and New Yorkers spend 91 hours, and Sao Paulo motorists in third place: they live in traffic for 86 hours each year. The first car accident was recorded on April 30, 1896. The cyclist Evelyn Thomas and the Dury car did not share the road. He was led by an American Henry Wells. But the first accident with victims occurred after 3 months in London. Arthur Edsell hit a 44-year-old Bridget Discall. The woman died, leaving two children orphans.

80% of the entire car is recyclable. Listen to music in a car? Imagine when the first radio appeared in the car, some states of America wanted to ban it. Activists believed that it distracted the driver from the road and could cause an accident. Ralph Titor, a blind mechanical engineer, invented cruise control. And it happened during his trip with a lawyer in the car salon. Themis’s servant was constantly distracted by conversations, so he periodically braked and accelerated the car. He could not control the car at the same speed. It was then that Titor thought about the invention of cruise control.